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Why should you use your asl.to page?
Because it's easy and you save a lot of time! With your free asl.to page you don't have to answer the same question over and over. Suppose it takes 3 minutes to say your age-sex-location, to send your picture and all the other information you find on your free and personal asl.to/nickname page. When 100 people ask you for this, then you need 5 hours! Creating your asl.to page is done in less than 5 minuts!

How to make your own asl.to/nickname page?
imply go to the sign-up page and follow the instructions.
If you experience any problems, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at admin@asl.to or check the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Where to use your short url asl.to/nickname?
Here you find some tips to make your asl.to/nickname page more popular & usefull:

1.Add your asl.to/nickname to your profile.
Are u chatting a lot on chatsites? Then add asl.to/nickname into your profile. The other chatters check your profile, surf to your asl site and won't bother you asking the most asked question ever: "Hey, what is your asl?" And in case they do: send them to your asl-site.
To do so: Simply add this sentence to your profile "Know me via http://asl.to/yournickname"

2. Add your asl.to/yournickname to your signature of your e-mails. Make your life easy and add your asl.to/yournickname to the signature of your e-mails and news-postings.

To do so:
This is the explanation for Microsoft Outlook Express 5 users:

To add a signature to outgoing messagesOn the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Signatures tab. To create a signature, click the New button and then enter " Know me via http://asl.to/yournickname " in the Edit Signature box Select the Add signatures to all outgoing messages check box. Click the Apply button to finish.

For other e-mail programs: On the Help menu, click Contents and index Click on Search and type " Signature " You'll see the instructions to add your signature.

3. If you use ICQ, add http://asl.to/nickname as your ICQ homepage.
To do so:
Click on ICQ, View/ Change my details Then click the Work tab, and fill in your free and short url. Finally, Save it.

4. Using mIRC? Use aliases!
To do so:
To add an asl-alias, press Alt + A Then type: " /asl /say See my asl at http://asl.to/yournickname ." Click OK If someone on IRC asks your asl, just type /asl in your mirc text box. Also add your url at the place where you can put your full name when you connect to irc. So, instead of filling in your name, put your free and personal http://asl.to/yournickname url. When the other chatters perform a whois, they'll see the url of your asl-site.

For more information or questions on any of these topics. Please contact admin@asl.to .

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